Thursday, August 31, 2006


Mirror Up

Here's the shell script I wrote that updates the vendor drop in our repository with the latest code from the Sakai 2.2.x maintenance branch. All the magic is in which comes with Subversion. One piece that may look odd is those two lines of perl in the middle. I am erasing all those $Url and $Id comment lines from all the code, because those will actually show up as conflicts with my own code when I do the svn merge. #!/bin/sh rev="`svn info -r HEAD | grep Revision: | sed -e 's/Revision: /r/g'`" echo exporting Sakai at $rev svn export -q -$rev $rev echo getting rid of those darn Url and Id comments for file in `grep -lr '\$URL' ./$rev/*` do perl -pi -e 's/\$URL.*\$//i' $file perl -pi -e 's/\$Id.*\$//i' $file done echo synching repository with Sakai $rev -no_user_input -t $rev svn:// current ./$rev

Hey Z,
A couple of questions -

Do you cron this, or run it by hand as needed?

Did you drop the mass perl-mongling in favor of tuning the svn properties on your local copy?
So far, I'm still doing it by hand, roughly once a week or so.

And I keep meaning to figure out how to do it the "right" way, but I'm still perl-mongling!
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