Friday, August 25, 2006



We still have a couple of JVMs crashing a day. A few of my nerd friends have seen my crash logs, and I’ve got some ideas to try, but nothing definitive. I think we’ll be ok for the weekend, since the crashes seem to be directly related to high demand. I finished updating our CourseManagementProvider. There was still at least one method in SiteAction that assumes a particular format of your course ID, so I cleaned that up too. We have a very simplistic mechanism set up for single signon from our Blackboard system. There is a servlet in TRACS that takes an XML-RPC request from Blackboard and returns a list of TRACS course sites for a given user. So users in Blackboard have a handy list of their TRACS courses with links that can take them straight over there. Each link url has an encrypted token affixed to it consisting of the user’s ID and a timestamp. The link takes them to another servlet that decrypts the token, determines if it is new enough, and then redirects the request to the correct site. It has never worked 100% of the time, and I finally figured it out. Each server in our cluster generates its own encryption key, so the single signon would only work when the load balancer happened to send you back to the same server that the token had been generated on. I changed it so that it will take the encryption key from This should fix it, but I still need to test it out. Only three weeks before the code freeze for Sakai 2.3. I’m trying to get my import/export coalition to help me produce something release-worthy in that timeframe. We have a Breeze meeting on Monday. Onward an upward, y’all.

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