Thursday, August 24, 2006


Spanked by the JVM

We had a very productive meeting this morning with the University of Houston Clear Lake. They wanted to pick our brains about how we run our Sakai implementation. Then the JVMs started crashing. We actually had about a 10 minute outage this morning because I had disabled two of the app servers to update them, and the remaining two JVMs seg faulted nearly simultaneously, leaving nothing but a friendly apology. And another one crashed this afternoon. I felt certain that when we switched over to real hardware, our JVMs would all be fat and happy. They've got plenty of RAM, I've been deliberate about their JAVA_OPTS etc. etc. This is the kind of thing that causes my phone to ring first thing in the morning, and I just hate that. In better news, I fixed some exceptions that our LDAP user provider was throwing because it turns out that some people in our directory don't have an email address. My old friend the NullPointerException drops by for a visit. I'm supposed to be spearheading a campaign to get some fancy import and export into Sakai 2.3, but I'm still holding these servers up with my bare hands. Our database server is taking a beating. I need to get the MySQL optimizations installed as soon as I can. My dear wife just asked me if I wanted anything from the store. “Beer, please.”

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