Friday, September 08, 2006



With a simple query, you can tell how many unique users started a session with Sakai, and you can constrain it to a particular timeframe. select count(1) from (SELECT DISTINCT SESSION_USER from SAKAI_SESSION where SESSION_START > '2006-08-23') as num_users; We have used this to give us an idea of usage since we started our pilot in August of last year. The numbers are telling: By the end of the calendar year 2005 we had around 1,000 users. Between January and May of this year, we had just shy of 4,000. Since the first day of class just over three weeks ago, 13,580. In my talk in Vancouver about migration, I said “Beware. You might succeed.” Luckily, we only have ~40,000 people in the whole campus community, so we won't be able to quadruple again. Say, I could go for some fresh air and a tall glass of lemonade.

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