Wednesday, January 03, 2007


New New Year

Happy new year, denizens of the Web and the Sakai-related. A new year brings in a new outlook and a clean slate. So far (the middle of the third day), I have managed not to do anything I regret. In the spirit of newness, I am happy to announce that I have formed a company called Aeroplane Software LLC and I will be leaving Texas State at the end of January to strike out on my own.

Texas State has been very good to me, but I have been jonesing to work for myself ever since I started my career. The great thing about working for a state institution is that the risk is very low. The downside is also that the risk is very low. I’m ready to find out if I can fly under my own steam. Whether I thrive or fail it will all be on me.

Effective immediately, I’m available for moonlighting: nights and weekends, small projects. Starting in February, I’ll be firing on all cylinders. I look forward to a whole lot more Sakai in the coming year.

Good luck, and godspeed!

We'll miss you around these parts, but I applaud your initiative. With great risk comes great reward, to misquote Peter Parker's uncle.

Let us know if there's anything we can do to help in the transition!
What a fun step in your life!

Having done this a couple of times: have fun, quickbooks pro is your friend, get an accountant for taxes, healthcare is important, and remember to incorporate (LLC, say) to avoid personal exposure.

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